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Return to Meet The Publisher. DF Lewis has been a regular contributor to the small presses since the s with many hundreds of short stories to his name see his now out-of-print collection Weirdmonger and The Last Balcony , recently published by Inkermen Press.

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Caroline Callaghan spoke to him to find out more about his publishing career. Well, when I started the Nemonymous anthologies in they were a sort of cross between a book and a magazine. Then I slowly began to call myself Megazanthus Press, especially when I started publishing unambiguous books. Well you did ask!

But it is a much easier question to answer than why or how I started Nemonymous itself! Whatever the reason, by the time I publish my Megazanthus book in , I will have published original stories with payments to their authors. Most of those stories are what I would describe as horror stories of one sort or another. Well, my reading of horror fiction started in the mid s, with my now famous meeting with Michel Parry a school friend at the time in the Colchester WH Smiths, and he advised me to buy a Panther paperback of HP Lovecraft stories.

I never looked back.

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The question remains — why horror? And by recognising that singularity, facing it, immersing oneself in it, one stands the best chance of using it constructively, if not defeating it.

As a follow up to The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies , this year sees the emergence of The First Book of Classical Horror Stories , twenty-one stories imbued with themes connected with classical music a lifetime enthusiasm of mine. This may sound a tad pretentious, but there are many ways to skin a cat, and I hope my arguably eccentric approach will continue to bear fruit.

I tend to have fixed reading periods and I have just finished one. I feel very negative about eBooks, despite some of their well-known plus points.

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  • With many publishers and budding publishers increasingly publishing or re-publishing books as eBooks for Kindle, etc. With everything available, nothing is available. Well, nothing special, any more. Also, it is my opinion that real paper books have empirically been the only vehicles able to carry fiction works future-nostalgically and memorably as well as effectively in their hard core emotion and tangibility and handleability. Having said that, I have read a few eBooks and reviewed them in my real-time reviews. Well, publishing and paying for stories, some of which would never otherwise have existed.

    Some were the first published stories of many authors, a few of whom have gone on to great things. It is one of the two Nemonymous stories that remain anonymous to this day at the request of its author. And that brings me to that earlier singularity or gestalt. VerfasserIn: Lewis, D. Verfasserangabe: D.

    Verlag: [U.

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    Mediengruppe: Buch. Inhalt The carpet was quite ordinary. In Man City an ocean liner is mysteriously stranded in Dry Dock. The children are missing and a search party has been sent out.

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    The inhabitants of the city have taken to drinking Angel Wine, or dreaming that they do. Meat and poultry are merging in disquieting ways. Only at the zoo can the citizens be sure that dreams are not reality. It will take Mike, the Hawler, to heal the city of its dream sickness.

    But first he must learn what a Hawler is. Perhaps the original carpet was not quite so ordinary, after all. This is not a novel, not a book, not even fiction. Details VerfasserIn: Lewis, D.

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