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Too often we pull away when relationships become difficult, missing out on the rewards of connecting more profoundly in a way that allows us to witness the divinity in another and having it witnessed in ourselves. So many of us who approach relationships as a spiritual practice find ourselves in difficult relationships that simultaneously challenge us and help us grow. So how do we handle these relationships consciously? Masters will discuss intimate relationships through a four-stage lens: me-centered, we-centered codependent, we-centered coindependent, and being-centered.

Bring your questions, your confusion, your insights, and your wisdom to this vibrant conversation! Robert Augustus Masters, PhD , is an integral psychotherapist, relationship expert, and trainer of healing professionals.

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His work blends the psychological and emotional with the spiritual. He holds a doctorate in Psychology and is the author of 14 books, most recently Emotional Intimacy and To Be a Man, and numerous essays. In Robert and Diane established the Masters Center for Transformation, a school through which their work and teachings can be optimally shared and embodied. So many on the spiritual path find themselves without a committed romantic partner. Why is this? Calling in The One and Conscious Uncoupling author Katherine Woodward Thomas will help us explore a series of questions that relate to conscious co-creation in relationships.

Or is it more about becoming the person who will magnetize the Beloved? Or do we need to surrender and let go of attachment to outcomes? Or both? How do we surrender this yearning to the Divine and trust Divine Will even if it means being alone? How do we consciously hold both the vulnerability of the longing and the trust in surrender in paradox, avoiding the tendency to either force the wrong relationship into being or the tendency to use the spiritual bypass to skip the pain of the deep longing? I resent this idea so much, because I am seriously committed to working with my stuff, and I've uncovered so much in myself already.

Katherine Woodward Thomas, M. To date, Katherine has trained and certified hundreds of coaches in her highly transformative work. The story of the romantic dyad is a strong program in our culture. Boy meets girl, they get married, and they live happily ever after without ever being attracted to another, without being tempted sexually, and without ever falling in love outside the monogamous union.

Or boy meets boy, girl meets girl, and they enjoy monogamous bliss. As conscious beings committed to a spiritual path, how do we deal with this? Is monogamy the only path to conscious romantic relationships? What about the path of polyamory?

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Is that a true spiritual path or is it just a way to use spiritual language to cover up sex addiction or intimacy avoidance? What about family values and the effect of divorce and infidelity on children? How can we follow the freedom the soul yearns for without sacrificing our values?

Is it possible to use the pain of infidelity to grow closer—or is this always a time to set and enforce boundaries? What about forgiveness when your trust is betrayed? What about standing up for yourself and refusing to let someone cheat? What would it mean to offer those we love—and ourselves—freedom to love who we love? What kinds of boundaries would need to be in place in order for such agreements to work consciously? Does monogamy ever work without requiring one or both parties to compromise the truth of the soul?

Does polyamory ever work without repetitive painful triggers that lead to heartbreak or without intimacy bypassing? Join Lissa and her spiritual counselor transpersonal psychologist Ted Esser, PhD for a conversation that is sure to be enlivening, controversial and juicy. Neither Lissa nor Ted consider themselves experts in alternative relationships, but we trust that the wisdom in this community will guide us towards a conscious exploration of the cutting-edge of relationships.

He has had training and experience with several spiritual traditions in both hemispheres, with expertise in the areas of lucid dreaming, kundalini, nonduality, altered states of consciousness, and other things transpersonal. Kennedy University. He is married with three children in Marin County, CA where he has a spiritual counseling practice. When Lissa and Dennis met at a Christmas party at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in , the two scientists had no idea what was about to hit them.

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Within a month of meeting each other, they entered into a mystical realm neither even thought was possible. Laws of physics were being broken. Dennis, who woke up psychic, channeling, and paranoid, ran away, scared that Lissa had put a spell on him.

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But be willing to be challenged. Relationships like this can also cause us to employ "spiritual bypass" techniques that keep us engaged because our boundaries are loose and we struggle to access a strong "NO. But what about when things get rough? What happens when we grow apart or experience betrayals and conflict?

Is it possible to break up and stay in love? Is it possible to navigate the minefields of divorce without turning into raving lunatics who forget our spiritual practices when we become afraid and feel threatened? What if the legal system is making you forget everything you learned from your spiritual teachings?

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How do we return to love while still protecting ourselves during the end of a relationship? How might we move consciously through anger, judgment, hurt, and disappointment, not by bypassing those painful feelings, but by feeling them fully and letting those energies move through us so we can return to love?

Tell us your break up stories and join us to engage in conversation about how to traverse the dicey territory of conflict and break ups consciously. Tosha Silver graduated from Yale with a degree in English Literature but along the way fell madly in love with yogic philosophy. For the past 30 years she has taught people around the world ways to align with Inner Love. This offers an ongoing way to support those who truly want to live these beautiful, ancient practices.

She particularly enjoys finding fresh, funny ways to invite and embrace the Divine, while avoiding conventional jargon and cliches at all cost. She loves how the sacred and the mundane are truly One. The guidance from the Inner Divine begins to lead when it is sincerely invited. As our culture wakes up together, the nature of relationships is changing, and this can be confusing. Fewer and fewer relationships fit in the old boxes established by the patriarchy. What if you feel strong feelings of love for your clients?

What if you fall in love with your guru or spiritual teacher? How do we handle these kinds of complicated relationships in a conscious way? What about our values and morals? What about healthy boundaries? Your input, your stories, your vulnerability, and your insights will be needed in order to explore this topic. Private Facebook Group. You will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to dialogue on Facebook during the live modules, and the team will be screening this dialogue to follow the flow of the direction of the dialogue on the live calls.

You will also have the opportunity to dive deeper into these conversations together and to interact with one another in between calls. You never know where new friendships, romances, and soul tribe connections will arise!

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So how do we navigate the pain of disappointment consciously? Yet perhaps the soul grows most when we are disappointed. How can we use disappointment in relationships to alchemize transformation while also treating ourselves gently and with compassion? How might we hold space for both seemingly conflicting truths?

Expectation Hangover Christine Hassler will help us explore this topic gently.

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  4. In many Western religions, sex is perceived as profane, while spirituality is sacred. Sex happens below the waist, but spirituality happens above the neck, right? In many Eastern cultures, sex and spirituality are seen as inseparable. Most likely, you have at least glimpsed this possibility in your own sexuality, when the borders between two humans can dissolve and you feel yourself becoming One with another human being, when you gaze into the eyes of your beloved and you see God or Goddess, mirrored back to you through the eyes of Love Itself.

    How can we be separate from God when we are coming into such deep union with another human being? Why has the church threatened to cut us off from sexuality as an ecstatic path to the Divine? What would it mean if we embraced sexuality fully as part of our spiritual practice, not just in sexual union with another, but in our own masturbation practices?


    What if we can make love to the God within ourselves in a conscious way? As a physician, wife, and co-author of The Multi-Orgasmic Woman about Taoist sexuality with Mantak Chia, Rachel Carlton Abrams will surely have many gifts of wisdom to share with us as we dive into this stimulating, sexy territory together. What happens when you love someone so deeply and with such a purity of heart connection that you cannot be cleaved, even by death?

    How can we navigate the loss of a loved one in a conscious way? How do we allow the heartbreak of grief and loss to break us open rather than shut us down? What if your dead loved one still communicates with you? When is it time to move one and let go? As conscious, evolving beings of love, how can we handle the pain in a way that grows us, rather than contracts us?

    These painful soul lessons are potent opportunities to move through the pain, to let the pain course through your body and your heart like waves of the ocean, and to let the pain soften the soil around your heart so your heart can blossom.