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There were instances of her 'softer' side but for the most part she was someone I would have ignored if I had met because I knew that we would come to blows. Which is odd to say and I don't mean that I would actually fight this fictional character but I would very much steer clear of her. Belle is thrust into a situation in which she suddenly has control of the four elements.

Suddenly she gets sick, is hunted and the sexy and dangerous PSI agent Rome is at the foot of her bed talking about neutralizing her. From the get-go she is attracted to him even though her body has gone through the ringer trying to adjust or die with the formula that was slipped in her drink. Talk about a hell of a mickey. So, Belle tries to slip her leash when Rome vows to protect her and ends up landing herself in slightly hotter water by bringing an innocent into it. The rest of the book is about her learning to trust Rome, herself when it comes to her powers and her inordinate amount of time noticing how hard her nipples are when Rome looks at her.

Or how her nipples can be seen through her shirt when she's cold or how her nipples feel against Rome's nipples.

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Too much nipple! It's nipple porn! Rome, Tanner and Lexi - the supporting character and the hero - are the most interesting characters in this story. Belle, with her nipple preoccupation and her insane attraction to Rome, her selfishness and her temper are only slightly mollified by her bravery and her compassion. View all 15 comments. Jan 18, Penny rated it it was amazing Shelves: u-read-urban-fantasy , favorites , reviewed. I had so much fun reading this book. Full of entertainment and excitement with a great love story. Sep 23, Tammy rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance , paranormal , keepers , humor , reads , favorites.

Belle Jamison has attitude and she knows how to use it! She is a total screw-up at her lame coffee shop job and being a smart ass is not helping her. The girl can never seem to get things right. She only manages to keep her job because of "titillating" conversations with her pervy boss. Disaster strikes one day when a mad scientist comes running into the coffee shop and drops a secret potion in Belle's drink.

Enter sub-government agencies and a super delicious hunk named Rome. I loved th Belle Jamison has attitude and she knows how to use it! I loved this book!

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It was a non-stop thrill ride that made me laugh until I cried. Belle is given the gift of controlling the four elements after accidentally drinking the mysterious potion, but you never quite know if she going to master the gift or if the gift will master her. The only downside to this book was the ex-wife factor.

It really wasn't necessary and it almost took away from the storyline. Be forewarned that the kid factor also exists in this one. Watch out Stephanie Plum cuz Belle is quite possibly my favorite female lead in a romance. I loved her character that much! I look forward to the author's next offering in this new series. View all 11 comments. Shelves: paranormal-romance , superheroes , favorite-or-autobuy-author , good-secondary-characters , read-by-august , owned-copy , supernatural-spy , hot-and-steamy-romance , all-things-summer-challenge , kickbutt-heroine.

Belle Jamison is quite the heroine in this superhero-themed paranormal romance. Sailing from menial job to menial job keeping none very long , with good intentions. She wants to take care of her ailing dad who sacrificed so much for her. One day, she literally runs into a mad scientist who doses her with a special formula in her mocha latte.

A formula that makes her able to harness all the elements: earth, wind, fire, air and water. That put Belle Jamison is quite the heroine in this superhero-themed paranormal romance. That puts her on the map for two vying supernatural agencies, one bad and one that works to protect the world from scrims supernatural criminals.

She meets super-sexy PSI agent Rome, and sparks fly, literally.

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Rome might be hot for her body, but his priorities are elsewhere. Can suddenly super Belle save herself, and maybe even the world? This was a fun book. I love superheroes, and I liked the idea that Belle started out so normal. Along with the fun superhero elements, there is sexy, sizzling romance between Belle and Rome. Rome has some interesting secret powers of his own, and that was fun to discover. I also liked Tanner, the young man who Belle befriends, who turns out to have some abilities of his own. The superpower scenes are exciting, well-written, and often very funny. I could visualize this as a movie very easily.

I definitely recommend this book to readers who like superheroes, and want a tough and mouthy lead female who gets to do a whole lot of the saving and buttkicking herself. View all 3 comments. Dec 07, Aly is so frigging bored rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal. Gena has created a seemingly ditzy heroine and has paired her with the strong, silent type hero, just imagine the sparks that fly. The plot is well-executed and it keeps you on the edge of the seat: Belle has her coffee spiked by a crazy scientist with a formula that gives her power over the el Main characters: Belle Brooks Rome Masters Why I added the book: I signed up for UTCs Gena Showalter challenge Thoughts: The book has the feel of an X-men movie mixed up with some James Bond, it was good :D.

Practically A Girl #7

The plot is well-executed and it keeps you on the edge of the seat: Belle has her coffee spiked by a crazy scientist with a formula that gives her power over the elements. Everything goes even worse from there… All the characters are interesting and well rounded, I never felt that I was reading about a cardboard cut-out, they all felt real with emotions, fears and dreams.

No fair. I need a name, too. That it was awful. That it was BAD. That it was goddamn awful. You have seen the first entries of the Piper Jones Logs. And you've even seen me use this picture This book though. This book, it is something else. It has transcended all of the above and created an entire new existance for itself. People, this book made me want to gouge my own eyes out with a spork - not a spoon or a fork, but a fucking spork - and set myself on fire before I plunge head first into liquid nitrogen.

I honestly have no idea where to start, this is the worst thing I've read this far. Everything about it is vomit inducing. As it turns out she is now Number 2. One guess who took the Number 1 spot. Belle Jamison Belle is a Thundercunt. A 28 year old bitch going on 15, she is a jealous, petty, stupid, childish, irrational, useless piece of shit that only cares for herself and her Lust.

Yes, capital L cause that girl can drown the galaxy in it. Throughout the whole book her only worries were to give the powers away so she can fuck without consequences.

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She was whinnying non stop about this. Occasionally she thought about her dad as well.

We wouldn't want her to be monotonous now would we? She couldn't be that bad! Allow me to demonstrate: The book starts with Thundercunt a. She called her boss a perv yet she was the one practically rubbing her boobs in his face so he wouldn't fire her for constantly being late, being rude to everyone and stealing. When said costumer dared to ask her when her coffee was going to be ready, Thundercunt proceeded to insult her.

The Girlfriend Experience

Cause how dare she! Can't she see she was talking to her friend? Instead she thought she was being good cause she didn't spit in the customers coffee. She got the order wrong of course. And that is not the only job she has demonstrated this behaviour for. Interviewer: I see. Were you fired from each of these jobs or did you quit? Interviewer: Were you let go, then?