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On this website, you can vote in polls, take part in eggs-periments, watch videos, play puzzles and learn amazing facts. Find fun facts, games, flashcards and photos, plus get answers to your meteorological questions. TechRocket : Learn programming languages, graphic design in Photoshop, and more! Design Squad Nation : Design anything! The adventurous Cat in the Hat is even ready to lead you on an exotic math safari adventure The Greens : Wondering what you can do to protect the planet?

The Greens have some great ideas, including games, activity guides and their very own carbon calculator. Lifeboat to Mars : Explore the world of biology with this free online game. In one simulation Microland you control hungry microbes. Zoom : Hot science and cool ideas. You can even build and create your own. Brought to you by the creators of Angry Birds. Angry Birds Space App : Those whacky and wildly successful birds are now playing their physics puzzles in space, where gravity does some pretty strange things!

Every Body Has a Brain! This educational app contains pictures and facts on hundreds of places, plants and animals. Kinectic City : An amazing collection of science experiments, games, activities and challenges. You might choose to run the blood cell relay race or use a computer model to build your own interstellar slush business.

There are 15 puzzle levels, with challenges, secrets and rewards in each. With this app, any kid can learn the ABCs of programming in a graphic environment. App : Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.

For kids age 3 to 6. Team Umizoomi : The cheerful animated characters from Nick Jr. Math Blaster : Do you have what it takes to save the galaxy? MathBoard App : One for the parents. This useful app walks kids through the steps to solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations. Motion Math: Pizza! App : Pizza, pizza!

In this math-based game, you buy ingredients, design signature pizzas and sell them to customers hopefully at a profit. Motion Math: Questimate! How many jellybeans fill up a soccer ball? In Questimate!

Science Surprises: More Than Amazing Experiments for Science Fairs and School Projects

Mystery Math Town : Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rescue the fireflies hidden in Mystery Math Town. Numbers League : In the Numbers League, only math can save the day. Umigo : Bored with everything? Their interactive games are just right for building math and critical thinking skills. Then this is the contest for you. For kids age 6 to 9. Open to grades three to five. Those in kindergarten through second grade compete in a non-competitive league. Perennial Math Tournaments : A virtual math tournament via videoconferencing for both teams and individuals.

Open to grades three to eight. Camp Invention : Daydreams become discoveries at this summer day camp. Destination Science Camp : Spend a week this summer creating robots, building a digital music system, training an electric-powered chameleon or even preparing for a mission to the moon! Held at locations in six states. For kids age 8 to Engineering for Kids : Engineering for Kids is an education company for kids age 4 to It offers a variety of STEM programs, including in-school field trips, birthday parties, workshops and camps.

The Engineering Education Service Center has put together a state-by-state list of engineering summer camps. Make your own video game, program your own app or even code in Java. Science Explorers : Sharks and submarines, potions and slime, castles and catapults..

9 Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity!

Offered in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The programs are interactive, which allows kids to learn through hands-on instruction and play. Programs are offered in a number of different formats, including after school, on weekends, and over the summer. Camp topics include robotics, programming, minecraft, and more. These camps focused on digital technology are held in various southern cities.

These videos about jobs in science, technology, engineering and math can help you decide. Have some fun with his home demos. Check out its list of contests and summer grants. Environmental Health Student Portal : Interested in learning more about chemicals, air quality and water pollution? This website has videos, games and experiments to help you along. Kids Ahead is packed with all kinds of resources, including scavenger hunts, videos, articles, links to local activities and fun events and info on cool jobs, that inspire and excite.

MathMovesU : Hone your math skills with online games, virtual thrill rides and national competitions! MathMovesU also offers a variety of scholarships and sponsorships. During their Cannonball Chemistry experiment, they accidentally drove a cannonball through the side of a house. Science Bob : Bob is a science teacher who loves to experiment often on Jimmy Kimmel. His website has videos, links and plenty of ideas for build-your-own experiments and science fair projects. Check out their games section. Scratch : Designed for kids age 8 to 16, Scratch is a place where you can program your own interactive stories, games and animations.

TechRocket : A great learning tool for kids interested in programming, graphic design, and more!

Levels range from beginner to advanced. Use math to reveal the mysteries of Xeno Island or join forces in a race to disengage a bio-digital virus.

See for Yourself! : More Than 100 Amazing Experiments for Science Fairs and School Projects

Gamestar Mechanic : Learn to design your own video game! Explore game-based quests and take courses to build your skills. Machinarium : An incredibly slick point-and-click adventure game. Mathemagics Mental Math Tricks : Amaze friends and parents with these quick but impressive mathematics tricks. Minecraft : Minecraft is a popular 3-D block-building game that pushes your imagination to the limits.

Protect yourself against nocturnal monsters or a build a giant one-of-a-kind creation.

Science Surprises: More Than 100 Amazing Experiments for Science Fairs and School Projects

National Geographic Games : Journey deep into the nano-world. Build the greenest city in the universe. Prepare for the apocalypse. Some of these games are free; some must be purchased. Portal 2 : A mind-bending action adventure game built around physics principles and environmental puzzles. Suitable for teens. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. With unique tips, lessons and inspiration from Creative Studio. Looking for ideas for a good Eagle Scout service project? Wondering what type of Eagle Scout projects that other Scouts are doing?

Just share these cool Eagle Scout project ideas and tell others about your most favorite one. Need some creative ideas for that school project on Egypt? Analyze hieroglyphics, learn how Egyptians made papyrus, or study the colors they used in their paintings, Read on for several tips and ideas on how to create an impressive ancient Egyptian display to be proud of. Keep scrolling. Instead, a blank screen is a constant reminder of the current lack of great ideas.

Tell your best jokes. It's a way to keep a record of the family bloodline and traditions. I actually only made it about three months before I stopped. Simple paper craft ideas and items that you already have at home, school supplies, books and colorful plastic plates and glasses help save Creative Ideas — DIY Crochet Elephant Edging If you are a crochet lover, you may already know that edging is an important part of any crochet project.

Math is an elegant way to model the behavior of pretty much everything we can observe, and kids who won't settle for simply learning their multiplication tables will love exploring the applied math problems in these cool math science fair projects and math fair project ideas. After the basic information, students can get then choose to be more creative with these projects by adding illustrations, photos and quotes from friends or family.


Ask your grandma to share some favorite recipes of hers or yours and ask her if she'll even teach you how to make them. Ideas for school project. Art Project Ideas Ideas for an egg drop project include cushioning the egg in cereal or bubble wrap, building a protective framework around it or anchoring the egg in place using pantyhose.

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