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But this Commandment also includes everything which leads to death, like the destruction of the environment. How can you make a profit selling hot crossed buns, if you can't buy any flour, or milk, or raisins, because the agricultural sector is ravaged by pollution? The Sixth Commandment forbids attacks on the family. Of course, men are not just cogs in the economy, but the economy still needs "cogs"!

Honest, hard-working, educated and stable employees and clients! The Commandment most obviously related to the economy is the Seventh. If your customers take your hot crossed buns without paying, you'll go bankrupt quite fast! Moreover, you'll also go bankrupt if your employees steal lots of flour from the kitchen, or if they steal minutes of work by arriving late, by leaving early, and by working slowly and badly, etc.

The Eighth Commandment forbids us to lie including lying to a court of justice, since false witness is the worst lie. Your store that sells hot crossed buns can easily go bankrupt, if you're constantly being sued because of false accusations! But even far from the courts, lies can still destroy your small business. For example, imagine if an evil client started to spread the rumor that some of your buns were poisoned! And don't forget the immense category of lies told to clients!

Dig into your memories: have you ever stopped going to a store, because the owner lied to you? Maybe a lie like: "Yes, yes, mister customer, it's an excellent product! It will never break! And moreover, it has a wall-to-wall guarantee! The Ninth Commandment in a way repeats the Sixth , and therefore has all its importance to protect the economy from threats against the family.

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Except the Ninth targets the source of these threats: the heart of man filled with carnal cravings. Think about it. Have you ever calculated all the time and money that is wasted on pornographic movies, immoral video games, etc.? Imagine if all of those efforts were invested into developing clean energy sources, or improving mass transit, or raising the level of schooling of all workers, etc.

The Tenth Commandment is similar to the Ninth, in that it repeats in a way another Commandment this time the Seventh. It too targets the source of the problem: the heart of man filled with material cravings. An old joke says that: "A Capitalist doesn't enjoy, he invests". Seriously, if the owner of the hot crossed buns store dedicates his life to material goods, then his store will go bankrupt!

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Instead of investing to buy new bread-making machines, he'll take holidays in the South! Instead of paying decent salaries to his employees, he'll buy a luxury car! Instead of taking a course on the new bread-making technologies, he'll buy himself a fancy ring, etc.

Macro-economics Source. We can study the harm done to the economy, but from a more "macro-economic" point of view. In other words, we can look at the harm caused by disobedience to the Ten Commandments, but citizen after citizen, day after day, city after city, etc.! Let's look at a few Commandments:. We've already seen that the Second Commandment tells us to keep our promises.

But if we think about it, we can see the economy and the whole country! Indeed, a society is a "moral being", and not a physical being. If these exceptions exist in the Old Testament and in the Law, then the Pharisees were wrong to take such a strict view in regards to the disciples who were simply plucking enough grain to eat and have some form of human refreshment to live.

Since He is sovereign, He has granted exceptions to the rule, whether we like it or not. Our understanding of the rules of Scripture is as follows: if the rules have exceptions, then the rules are undermined and the rules are no longer rules. Without rules, there can be no exceptions. And there are no exceptions in the absence of rules. We want to have rules without exceptions because we believe that the rules treat everyone equally.

He gives grace, but He does not give grace equally to all as can be seen in the Parable of the Talents in Matthew , :. See, I have gained five more talents. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master. See, I have gained two more talents. See, you have what is yours. If they can only come 2 Sundays a month, then they should be given the benefit of the doubt with regard to the other 2 Sundays.

Someone who can make all 4 or 5 Sundays a month should attend service, but, then and again, the church should have love toward all — even if they can only make 1 Sunday at most. Again, loving our neighbor comes with understanding that there are some individuals who are exceptions to the rules. If our rules are so rigid that it causes us to harm our neighbor instead of love him or her, then our interpretation of the rules must change, not necessarily the rules themselves although there may be some that do need revision depending upon how impossible to achieve they are.

I can attest to a friend of mine who has been the victim of what happens when the Church approaches its neighbor with such strict severity that leaves no room for exception. I know a friend who loves tech and is passionately committed to the field. He was active in everything from Bible Study to Homecoming services and then some. The seminary always mandated Sunday attendance, and he was a faithful attendee while his provider parent was living. Death forced a change in his circumstances.

Unfortunately, his seminary was anything but understanding. He was told that he had to sit on a church pew nearly every Sunday in the semester or else, he could no longer pursue classes at the institution because they wanted all their students to be active in Christian ministry. It did happen. Can you believe that? Matthew shows that there are exceptions to the Sabbath rules, and a seminary would get this right. A seminary that upholds the Bible would get this right.

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A seminary devoted to studying biblical languages and interpretation would get this right. What else could he have done in his situation to make things better? He gets mistreated because of his circumstances, but how was it his fault? How was it his fault that his parent died? And what about the people in charge? He was seeing a seminary counselor whose job it was to help students. Why is it the case that the people in charge who were barking orders were the ones that, like the Levites, saw the man along the side of the road but were too busy to help?

If they had, a dear friend of mine might still be at seminary and might have graduated this past May with his postgraduate degree. The seminary in question was as guilty as the Pharisees Jesus encountered: they were so busy being strict, trying to craft rules for everyone, that they left no room for exceptions.

Exceptions are messy and require some room be made for laws to be broken. Humanity likes to have rules because the rules can be made and applied to everyone; exceptions are a public way of understanding that not everyone can fulfill the laws we set. And yet, the love of God is shown when we learn how to give a break to those who need it, and remain disciplined toward those who need it.

Jesus excepted the priests, the disciples, and David and his companions from following the strict letter of the Law because of their immediate needs to eat and minister to the people of God priests. The disciples needed to eat, and the Lord Jesus excepted them from the punishment due to those who violated the Sabbath rule. Where was the love of neighbor that the seminary read in the Scriptures? Where was the love of neighbor found in the Word of God that they studied on a regular basis?

9. The Contribution of the Mosaic Covenant (Galatians ) |

And if they were teaching rightly but living wrongly, how much of the right teaching did they actually believe? Very little. Here are a few reasons behind this. After all, Sabbath was the seventh day of the week which is Saturday , not Sunday, the first day of the week. In Exodus , the Lord says that they are to rest on the seventh day because He rested on the seventh day after creating the world. Why then, do Christians worship and attend church on Sunday? What biblical commandment have Christians received, or what exception does the Law make for the day of Sabbath worship?

How did we gain the authority to move Sabbath from its original day Saturday to another day that we decided works best for us? By meeting on a day outside of Saturday, we are breaking the Sabbath and violating the Sabbath law. This is in addition to the ministers and church staff in our day, who work on Sunday to perform church service and minister to the church congregation. As the priest break the Sabbath, so do pastors, teachers, preachers, elders, deacons, and other church staffpersons like musicians and choir singers.

Romans 14 tells us that, while the Jews observed 1 day, the Gentiles viewed all days alike. This was the debate in the early church at Rome, with Jews and Gentiles fighting over not only the day of observance but also whether to eat meat and vegetables or, as the Jews believed, to keep kosher and eat vegetables only:. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. Romans Of course, the Lord did mandate that Gentiles who visited Jews observe the Sabbath day as though they were Jews:. The Gentiles were not allowed to come into the land of the Jews and worship differently, though; they were commanded to worship as the Jews when in the land of the Jews.

With that said, the question still remains: where did Sunday worship observance come from?

It comes from early church history, from the fact that many in the early church worked Saturdays and could not take off Saturday to observe worship. The article is shorter than the research required to discover all the inns and outs of the Sabbath day. In a brief analysis, Saturday was the Sabbath day of the Jews, but, since Christ fulfilled the Law in its entirety, in the same way that Christians do not keep or observe Jewish feasts, early church believers did not need to observe the Jewish Sabbath Saturday.

Since Jesus rose on the first day of the week Sunday , Christians decided that Sunday would be their day of observance. Even when Constantine declared that Sunday would be the Sabbath for the Roman Empire, he still designated that agriculture workers or farmers, as we know them to be, would have a choice to decide whether or not they could afford to take the day off or be forced to continue working because Sunday was the ideal day to grow crops and sow new ones.